How To: Labyrinth Setup

The setup for this year’s Good Friday Labyrinth at St Silas started around 10am with some running around in vans to collect equipment.  Then from around 1pm to 7ish all this stuff in the video happened.

This is the fourth year we have done a labyrinth in this way.  Each year has had different elements, slightly changed layout, etc.  But the practice of building high fabric ‘walls’ to create an enclosed pathway for the labyrinth journey has remained the same.  So I thought I would put down some hints and lessons learned over these years.

We hire powerdrive stands (this year we used 7 but had a few more to spare) to create the corners of the fabric walls.  Some of these stands have a scaff-bar on top and use noticeboards and anything else we can find around the church to help give shape and structure.  The next bit of setup looks unusual.  We place the stands roughly where we think they will be going then attach them with cord to each other and the pillars of the church.  This cord doesn’t actually take much weight but keeps everything in tension against each other and stops the weight of the fabric from pulling everything together (which was a real hassle the first year before we figured out this masterstroke.

clampNext we start to attach the fabric.  In the past we have tried tape, safety pins, tying knots, lots of things to hang fabric to things.  Then we discovered the ease of using hand clamps.  As we actually hang fabric to divide up spaces fairly reqularly in St Silas we have tied rope around the ‘collar’ of each pillar perminently.  This loop of rope is fairly discreet and offers a quick and easy way to secure things to pillars.

Lastly a word about fabric.  Get flameproof or flameretardant fabric!  Don’t cut corners with safety and also it is reasonably straight forward to get online in various sizes.

That’s really all I wanted to cover in this post – the physical ‘how to’ ideas and suggestions.  The artistic content and make up of a Labyrinth I will try to talk about later.

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