Visuals in Children’s work

Just got back from tech’ing for the children’s ministry at CLAN this year.  No time yet to write anything up, but here’s some relevant pics of setup at least…


start of the week didn’t look good – no black out (which we had for the past three years but seems to have been left out this year), smaller fast folds and weeker projectors didn’t fill us with confidence.  It meant we cut some major aspects of our plans straight away and we are all sure we could have had a better program with the ability to use full visuals and lighting, but no point on dwelling on it.


This was taken when the parents come in to see what the program was like.  You can see that some patchy blackout has been added to try to help.  Also, here you can see six TVs around the stage, this is predominantly for the younger (smaller) children along the front for whom the side screens would be difficult to see.  Due to the light levels we used the same image on all screens to avoid confusion (the plan was to throw different images on different screens)


Here is a photo taken during worship, you can see I tried using some lighting to aid excitement and atmosphere but there was no way to overlay words on video as it wasn’t easy to see the words in these conditions.

The last problem we faced was that there just wasn’t enough macs to go around – only three macs between two just isn’t enough :-/

not enough macs2-web

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