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case study: CLANkidz 2011

Back blogging after around a year break with a case study about how we did the visuals at CLANkidz this year.  The break was partly because of getting married and having little time do any VJing and certainly very little … Continue reading

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Summer time

Working mainly in Glasgow, Scotland we have a lot of daylight in the summer months – not necessarily sunshine but daylight.  We also work mainly in traditional church buildings which tend to have been designed to let in as much … Continue reading

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Overhead Camera

Here’s an unusual set up from our morning service yesterday. What you are looking at is a style of service we are working on a lot at the moment called ‘together’ which is designed no just to be ‘all-age’ to … Continue reading

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Mixing during a sermon

After a few months off over summer during which CLANkidz took up a lot of my time (planning, getting there and doing it, running into problems like trying to do visuals in a non-blacked out venue, and all the other … Continue reading

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Video for Magnification (imag or image mag)

Big Christian events and churches often have a live camera feed to the screen to help people see the speaker.  The good reasons to do this is if the size or layout of the venue mean that many people can’t … Continue reading

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Use of Mixed Media in a Labyrinth

As mentioned in previous ‘how to’ post, at St Silas we have set up this large Labyrinth for the past 4 or 5 years as a Good Friday ‘journey’ come ‘meditation’ and it has been well received.  People find it … Continue reading

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How To: Labyrinth Setup

The setup for this year’s Good Friday Labyrinth at St Silas started around 10am with some running around in vans to collect equipment.  Then from around 1pm to 7ish all this stuff in the video happened. This is the fourth … Continue reading

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