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How to Convert File Formats

One site to convert documents, pictures and video formats – .

How to do a multicam edit in Final Cut


I don’t often have to do this type of editing where you have multiple cameras covering the same action.  This means that in the edit you simply want to sync up the footage from all the cameras and go through and cut to the best angle all the way from start to finish.  As I don’t do it often I need to keep a note here of this fast and simple method of multi camera editing available in final cut pro.  So here is the clearest online tutorial for doing multicam edits in Final Cut – all I have to do now is remember I made a note of it here.

How to grab MP4 files from YouTube


The best way I ever found to do this is described in this Lifehacker post

Failing that – for mac users you can do a screengrab using QuickTime X or SnapZPro

How to rip DVD on a MAC for use in Final Cut (pro or express)


Keep it legal, this is a guide to help get clips from DVDs if you have permission to do so and for fair use only.

1- play the DVD to find the bit that you’re after. – you need to know the track numbers you’re after.

2 – load up “handbrake“. this is a DVD ripping program for mac.  You need VLC installed in your applications folder before handbrake will work properly, but VLC is a really useful video player to have sitting there for the few things that quicktime can’t cope with.

The screen that first comes up requires you to navigate to a suitable “VIDEO_TS” directory.
[If you’re ripping from a DVD disc this is easily found on the disc, if you’re ripping from a disc image produced by “mac the ripper” – (see below) then the folder created by mac the ripper on your desktop is the video_ts folder you need.]
Once you select the video_ts folder, handbrake scans it, and picks the longest title on the dvd, presuming that it’s the main feature.

3 – You have options to choose on handbrake.
you can choose whatever title and tracks you want to rip (other titles will contain menus and special features).
You can choose what audio you want – best to choose 2 channel stereo in english (if there’s more than one of these available, sometimes one of them contains the directors commentary).
You can choose the video codec and setting used for the rip. – the easiest way is to use the presets in the pull-out menu to the right hand side. I almost always use the “normal” setting with is a decent quality H.264 codec rip which works well on the mac.

4 – Then you click start and set it going. it takes about an hour to rip a whole DVD, and you end up with a video file (mp4 usually) about 1GB in size.

5 – this video file can be loaded into FCP/FCE like any other, to find your in/out points and do what you want. – but beware – the rendering times are pretty HUGE as it converts these videos into DV .mov format (what i think Final cut uses) so if you plan to do lots of editing, i would pull in all your clips, render it (possibly overnight if it’s a lot!!!) then output a .mov file which you can then use to add effects, transitions, cuts etc etc which will render quickly, rather than going through a 4 hour render after every change you make!

job’s a good’n!


If the DVD disc is protected – you shouldn’t be doing this!
Programs like “mac the ripper” are available if you can find them, but I’m not going to help.

To get Quicktime to work properly (and hence final cut etc) with decent video codecs you need to install “perian” and “flip-4-mac“. They work in the background of Quicktime (and anything video related on the mac) just making it work with pretty much all video formats,


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  1. Andrew Hearn says:

    Hello, using youtube videos for anything other than ‘personal use’ may be against You Tubes terms and conditions- ie using them in a church service may be against their copyright… I started a thread on the EasyWorship forums recently to discuss the matter to see what others thought:
    Any comments welcome!

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